What is meant by ‘antiligature?

Anti-ligature is a term used to describe any object designed to make it impossible to attach a ligature.

Anti-ligature designs are crucial in protecting the most vulnerable people in challenging and mental environments. They reduce the risks of suicide or self-harm by using a ligature.

In recent years, collaborative efforts have led to a significant improvement in the design of mental health institutions. The anti-ligature designs has been a major factor in this.

What exactly is a “ligature”?

Any item can be used as a ligature to bind or tie something, like a cord or rope. It could also include clothing, bedding, or other items. These items can be dangerous in challenging environments and mental health facilities because they could be used to commit suicide or self-harm. The presence of “ligature points” – which are points on objects such as furniture or architecture that allow ligatures to be attached – increases this risk.

The anti-ligature feature reduces these points, and is therefore essential in reducing the possibility of self-harm using a ligature.

What are the anti-ligature options available?

Kingsway offers a wide range of internal anti-ligature door sets that can reduce the risk of ligature in any area within a mental facility. This includes service user rooms, staff areas and communal spaces as well as washrooms.

In collaboration with Healthcare Professionals and Experts By Experience, our anti-ligature Complete Door Systems were designed to prevent self-harming or suicide by service users in challenging environments. We use our experience in providing anti-ligature systems for more than 2,300 UK-based projects to ensure that the most suitable materials are chosen. This will deliver the reliability and robustness required by mental health environments.

Our products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provide a safe and secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors. They can even be used to create therapeutic spaces that feel less institutionalized. All our Complete Door Systems are covered by a free 5-year warranty as part of the partnership we have with you to ensure patient safety.

We offer anti-ligature products to help reduce the risk of ligature in challenging mental health environments. These include washroom dispensers as well as shatter resistant mirrors, hooks for coats & towels, and handrails.

What is a ligature monitor?

The ligature monitoring device is an electronic gadget that detects ligature attempts. It alerts staff and allows for rapid clinical intervention. They can improve the staff’s ability to respond quickly and effectively in life-threatening situations. The SENTRY Complete Door System includes a ligature-monitoring technology along with an anti-ligature system. This monitoring spans all edges of the doorset. These ligature monitoring devices will notify staff when a user attempts to wedge or anchor a ligature.

NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement: Pre-tendered anti-Ligature doors

After a thorough tendering process, Kingsway Group has been chosen as an approved provider for Anti-Ligature Doors, Bespoke Doors, and Specialist Doors under the NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement. This thorough vetting covers all aspects of Kingsway’s service from production processes and products to net-zero commitments.

The Framework Agreement provides assurances that all of our products and services have been pre-approved independently for their quality. It also offers a simplified route to specialist solutions pre-tendered by NHS Organisations.

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