iOS Calendar

We have tried a lot of different Calendar Apps for iPhone and Android. We love some of the features on some of the Apps but usually have found some flaw or bug that made us switch back to the factory app that comes with the device. However we have been trying an App called “Calendars 5” for iOS on both an iPhone and iPad without any issues.

Other than pretty new graphics most Calendar Apps don’t bring anything new to the device except a feature that can best be described as “Calendar Entry for Dummies” this is just a single line that you can type something like: ” Lunch with John Smith on Tuesday the 13th at Noon at Chilis” and the App will parse all of this poor sentence structure into a perfect Calendar Entry. It will attempt to locate and attach the address for Chilis (for directions) as well as look in your Contacts for John Smith and attach his information. The reason that would be useful is so you can send an invite to his Calendar and be synced up with your appointment, click here. Then if you are running late for the appointment you will have the quick ability to send him a text message or other notice.

Right now there is no Android version of this App however there are many Apps available for both iOS and Android that have this feature, although they all have different quality of how it reads your entry. This App is relatively expensive at $6.99 however right now its our “go to” and the longest running third-party Calendar App on our devices.

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